Note name :
Frequency : Hz

When you click on a piano key will show all it's listenable harmonics

If you set your mouse over a key or a partial you will hear it's exact frequency.

You can click again on a key to remove it's harmonics. You can select several keys too.


Aurélien G.

How right are the firsts partials ?

You can increase the number of partial you want to compare.
Order Partial # Closest tempered note Quotity of ½ tones of distance Simplest decomposition in harmonic intervals
To increase visibility octaves of the fundamentale are obmitted

2nd octave

You can check a classical I-V-I bass movement on a chord.

3rd octave

This is the chord place with the so used X7 chord as C, E, G, B♭

What else...

Many things just to help you, have a look to the 15th partial it's a major 7th one octave above the dominant chord, so it should sound well any time when played high. Do not hesitate to contact me at